Conflict between Hindus and Muslims Kinnars in Aligarh (UP)

Muslim Kinnars forcing Hindus Kinnars to accept Islam

Aligarh (UP) – Both Hindu and Muslim Kinnars came face to face recently on account of the right to a certain area. Police intervened and controlled the situation. At that time the Hindu Kinnars alleged that Muslim Kinnars were forcing them to accept Islam.

1. The area has been demarcated for both these groups for the last 59 years. They had agreed upon working in their own area. But now one of the groups says that Muslims should work at Muslims’ places and Hindus at Hindus’. Hindu Kinnars say that they will not accept greetings from meat eater Muslim Kinnars.

2. Above mentioned Hindus allege that Muslims call goons from outside to beat them up. One Kinnar Shiva among the Hindus said that once they had even fired at Hindus Kinnars with bullets. Hence, they have demanded Police protection.

3. Hindu Kinnars allege that Muslim Kinnars force them to eat meat and offer namaz. They also force them to accept Islam. They tried to register a complaint with the Police, but in vain. The complaint was not registered. (Hindus opine that in the rule of the BJP Government such discrimination should not happen. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

It is shameful that religious fanatics of Muslim Kinnars compel Hindu Kinnars like this. At least now would the Hindus unite and become active to protect their Dharma ?

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