Christian missionaries trying to convert Hindus using Bhagawadgeeta !

Tumakuru (Karnataka) – A book called “Giteye Ninna Gyan Amrita” in the Kannada language is being distributed by Christian missionaries to convert Hindus. Bajrang Dal has demanded to stop the sale of this book. It is published by Kabir Printing Press, New Delhi. This book describes Brahma as ‘Baba Adam and Mahadev as ‘Muhammad’. Adinath, who is revered by Jains, has taken birth in the form of Baba Adam. The book claims, Baba Adam is an incarnation of Brahma and came from the planet of Brahma. According to the Police, in Tumakuru, Christian missionaries have launched a massive campaign to convert Hindus.

Editorial Viewpoint

The question that occurs in the minds of Hindus is, how can one dare to attempt such things when there is a BJP Government in Karnataka ? Now the Government should take strict action against such people.

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