450 political murders in a decade in the US !

Washington (US) – According to the study of ‘Anti-Defamation League’, within the last decade, there have been 450 political murders in the US. Out of these, the right-wing extremists are responsible for 75%, i.e., 337 murders whereas the left-wing extremists are responsible for the 4% of the murders. Recently, the residence of the speaker of the US House of representatives Nancy Pelosi at San Francisco was attacked. That time, her husband Paul Pelosi was attacked on the head with a hammer. The purpose was to attack Nancy but her husband was attacked. Nancy was not at home that time.

According to the numbers given by the Police, in 2017, about 3,939 cases of threats to the US assembly members were registered. In 2021, the case increased 3 times more and reached 9,625.

Considering the increasing the number of attacks on the MLAs, the Police had increased the budget for their security. For each MLA, the amount was increased by Rs 8.23 lakh. There are total 435 members in the assembly. They travel from home to the capital city Washington and have security guards for 24 hrs.

This year too, the threat cases have increased. Since January, February and March, more than 1,800 such cases have been registered. According to the experts, the provoking speeches of the leaders are the reason behind this.

Editorial viewpoint

This situation shows what a pitiful condition of law and order exists in the US, which keeps advising India and other developing nations !