US plans to strengthen defence ties with India to deter China’s aggression

Washington (US) – On the 27th of October the US announced its ‘National Defence strategy 2022’. According to it the ‘Pentagon will advance its major defence partnership with India. The US Defence Force will enhance its (India’s) ability to deter People’s Republic of China (PRC) aggression and ensure free and open access to the Indian Ocean Region.

According to this Strategy, the American Defence Department will have set a flexible defence system in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region and make it a strong partnership. And for this the US will set a strong partnership with Australia too.

China will always prove to be a challenge! – US Defence Minister

US Defence Minister Lloyd Austin said we know China’s objective. It will always be a challenge. China is US’ only rival. It has the desire and the ability to change the World’s International scenario. Russia cannot challenge the US for long as China can, said Austin.

Iran is making its nuclear capabilities stronger!

Austin added that Iran is making its nuclear capabilities stronger. Many countries are secretly helping it. Russia is using drones manufactured by Iran in its war against Ukraine.

Editorial viewpoint

The US is giving aid to Jihadi Pakistan to keep a high level of Security Force, which is dangerous for India; and then it is helping India to keep China’s aggression in check. The US in a way is trying to play both sides for its own interest. Selfish US should remember that India too is free to answer it in the same coin.

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