Making India a Hindu Rashtra will remain a dream for BJP, only a dream : Iqbal Mehmood

The anti-Hindu feeling of Iqbal Mehmood, MP of the Samajwadi Party

Iqbal Mehmood

Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) – BJP is doing politics of religion and caste so that they can make India a Hindu Rashtra. But, making India a Hindu Rashtra will always remain a BJP dream, now and always, stated Samajwadi Party’s ex-Minister and current MP, Iqbal Mehmood.

Iqbal criticised Kejriwal too. On Kejriwal’s appeal to print Shri Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh’s pictures on the Indian Currency, Iqbal said this country belongs to people of all religions and castes. All of them sacrificed for the Independence of the country. So Aam Admi party and BJP should leave politics and they should go to Temples, Masjids, Gurudwaras, and Churches and pray for the progress of the country and employment for all.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It will not be wrong to say that Iqbal Mehmood is behaving like a disappointed person who is feeling nervous because of the rapid steps being taken toward making India a Hindu Rashtra.
  • Iqbal should remember that ‘Not to let India become a Hindu Rashtra, and Jihadists’ dream to make India an Islamic Country will always remain a dream.