Huge cache of arms sent by Pakistani terrorists, seized by soldiers from Punjab !

Stock of 3 AK-47s, 3 pistols, 200 bullets, etc. found !

Ferozepur (Punjab) – Border Security Force (BSF) confiscated a bag full of arms which was stated to be sent through a drone. A search drive was undertaken by 136 battalions of BSF in the Ferozepur Sector. A big bag was found by them along the international India -Pakistan border and on checking, it was found to be full of arms.

The bag found by BSF contained 3 AK-47s, 5 M.P. -5 (mini AK-47), 3 pistols, and 17 empty magazines. In addition, 100 bullets of 30 bore and 100 bullets of 5.56 mm were also confiscated.

Use of drones to divert soldiers’ attention !

It is Pakistan’s evil motive to create disturbance in Punjab by sending such a big cache of arms. Terrorists from Pakistan want to spread terror in Punjab with the help of smugglers and goons. The experts feel that the drones continuously sent earlier must have been to divert the attention of BSF. By diverting the attention of soldiers, attempts are made to send a large stock of arms and drugs like heroin to Punjab.

Editorial viewpoint

Instead of taking such actions of confiscation, isn’t it more effective to destroy Pakistan, the shield of jihadi terrorists, but when will the rulers realise it ?