None of the US lawmakers opposed the maintenance aid for Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets !

India’s objection has no effect on the US !

Washington (USA) – Former President Donald Trump’s decision to freeze military aid to Pakistan was suspended by President Joe Biden last month. Then, on 8th September, the Department of the Interior informed the US Parliament about the maintenance of 82 F-16 fighter jets previously given to Pakistan. As none of the 100 congressmen objected to this within a 30-day period, the way has been cleared for the aid of $450 million (₹3,581 crores) to Pakistan. India had already expressed objection to the US regarding this aid.

1. Recently US President Joe Biden made a statement that ‘Pakistan is a dangerous nation’, yet the way to give aid to Pakistan has been cleared. This is being seen surprisingly by many.

2. India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar had also called out that the Biden administration’s claim that F-16 aircraft will help Pakistan in its fight against terrorism is strange. The Biden administration has not yet clarified how modern fighter jets like the F-16 will help to fight terrorists.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This clearly shows the double standards of the US. The world has once again realised that the US is not a country to be trusted. So India also needs to deal with the US in the same manner !
  • One shouldn’t be surprised if someone calls the US a ‘terrorist’, which supports Jihadi Pakistan !

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