Two Hindu girls kidnapped in Pakistan

Police refuse to register a complaint !

Karachi (Pakistan)  –  Two Hindu girls were kidnapped from Sindh in Pakistan. But when the mother of these 2 girls staged a protest local Police refused to register a case in this regard. The incident took place in the Pat area of Sukkur last week when the mother was going home with their daughters. 3 men suddenly kidnapped the girls while they were on their way home. When the mother tried to stop them the men beat her mercilessly.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The sad part of this entire situation is Hindus are unsafe not only in Pakistan but in India as well where Hindus constitute a major part of the population. This is extremely shameful for Hindus !
  • Also It is not surprising that the Police in Pakistan refused to register a case, on the contrary, it would have been surprising if they had registered a case !