Muslims don’t worship Shri Lakshmidevi, still, aren’t they rich ? : BJP MLA Lalan Paswan

Anti-Hindu Dharma statement of BJP MLA Lalan Paswan from Bihar !

Bhagalpur (Bihar) – Muslims never worship Shri Lakshmidevi, still, aren’t they rich ? They never worship Shri Saraswatidevi, but aren’t they intelligent ? These the anti-Hindu Dharma were asked by BJP’s MLA Lalan Paswan from Pirpainti constituency of Bihar questions. Hindus staged demonstrations against him, and even his effigy was burnt.  Later, Paswan gave an explanation that he was misunderstood. For those who believe, there is God; for those who don’t believe, it’s just a stone. He said he believed in God and worshipped all Deities. Everything depends on one’s faith. When they are tested on the basis of science, they will become like me. (Some people, despite disgrace, don’t admit their mistakes and try to prove their win. Hindus should register complaints against such people for hurting their religious sentiments and try to bring them to book ! – Editor)

1. Lalan Paswan also said in his speech that Bajrang Bali was the Deity of ‘Shakti (power)’, but Muslims do not worship Bajrang Bali. There is no temple of Bajrang Bali in the USA; so, isn’t the USA a powerful country ?

2. On facing opposition, Paswan said that there was no logic behind such opposition. If these people, who are now opposing, have guts, they should talk on the basis of logic. (Hindus’ Deities are worshipped on the basis of faith and not on the basis of logic, but Paswan, a BJP-MLA doesn’t seem to know even this ! This is not expected from a BJP leader by Hindus ! – Editor)   

3. After his mother’s death, Paswan did not perform her last rites on the 13th day, saying that it was an improper custom. Paswan said that he was opposed by those people only because he didn’t invite them for lunch on that occasion.

BJP, Janata Dal (United), and Congress criticise Paswan

BJP’s State Spokesperson Prem Ranjan Patel alleged Paswan was an atheist. He said only an atheist can make such statements. Leaders of Congress, and Janata Dal (U) have also criticised Paswan.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus strogly feel that BJP should take action against Paswan as it had taken in the case of its MLA T Raja Singh from Hyderabad, who was suspended from the party for his alleged insulting remarks against Prophet Mohammad.
  • Hindus-by-birth such as Paswan lack Dharmashikshan (Education on Dharma), therefore, they mislead Hindus through such statements when they reach some high position in life. Their statements encourage the non-Hindus and give them an opportunity to criticise Hindu Dharma !