CM Kejariwal compares Deputy CM Manish Sisodiya with Bhagat Singh !

Bhagat Singh’s family demands apology from Kejriwal for insulting freedom fighters !

(Left side) AAP President and Delhi CM Kejariwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodiya

New Delhi – The Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia has been embroiled in an liquor scam. The CBI had summoned him on 17th October. On this background, the AAP President and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal compared Sisodia and another Minister Satyendra Jain with the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. Hence, Bhagat Singh’s family has demanded that Kejriwal retract his statement and apologise to the people.

One family member, Harbhajan S Dhatt, said that Kejriwal has insulted all great freedom fighters along with Bhagat Singh. Harbhajan S Dhatt said, “This is an insult to Veer Bhagat Singh. How can he compare Sisodia and Satyendra Jain with Bhagat Singh ? Bhagat Singh’s purpose and mission were not for political gain. They were for the people of India. He fought against the British system for the freedom of our country. These people are not fighting against the system, they are fighting for power. My only request is – don’t tarnish the image of Bhagat Singh or other freedom fighters by comparing them with your MLAs and Ministers”.

BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra said that Kejriwal, who compared Bhagat Singh with a person who is opening liquor joints in Delhi, should apologise.

The AAP has been charged for a scam of Rs 144 crore. A complaint has been filed against Manish Sisodia and 14 others in this matter.

Editorial viewpoint

Intellectual bankruptcy of Kejariwal who compares Bhagat Singh with such corrupt people !