#Diwali – Method of celebration Yamatarpan, Yamadeepdan and prayers to Deity Yama

Keeping a lamp outside the house facing south during Yamdeepadaan

The ritual of tarpan is performed (Offering of water to God, Sages, ancestors’ souls and human beings) reciting the fourteen names of Deity Yama accompanied by a sankalp as, ‘श्री यमधर्मप्रीत्यर्थं यमतर्पणं करिष्ये ।’. This ritual is explained in the panchang. On this day, lamps should be offered to Deity Yama. Deity Yama is the Deity of death and Dharma. There should be a constant awareness that every human being is destined to die; only then will there be no wrong deeds committed or money wasted. Hence, after deepdan to Deity Yama, pray thus – “O Deity Yama, like these lamps, we will remain alert and vigilant. Accept this lamp, which is the symbol of alertness and vigilance. We do not know when You will arrive; hence we keep our accounts up to date, so that we do not have to worry about any unfinished accounts; for we are aware that You can arrive any time.”

– H.H. Parashram Madhav Pande Maharaj, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel.

Spiritual significance

1. Yamatarpan : On this day by offering water to Deity Yama amidst recitation of His 14 Names  viz. Dharmaraj, Pitrupati, Samavarti, Pretaraj, Krutant, Yamunabhrata, Shaman, Kal, Dandadhar, Shraddhadev, Vaivasta, Antak, Yamadharma and Audumbar (note 1) the dissatisfied souls of deceased ancestors and dead souls within His control receive get momentum to attain a higher sub-plane. The individual performing the ritual of tarpan receives grace of Deity Yama and he does not face any distress due to ghosts, spirits and negative energies.

2. Yamadeepdan : By offering a portion of the fire in the form of a lit lamp to Deity Yama, Tej-tattva (Absolute Fire Principle) and the Principle of the Sun within Him get activated. As a result, one worshipping Him obtains His grace faster.

3. A prayer unto Deity Yama : When an individual who is righteous and performing regular spiritual practice offers his prayer to Deity Yama, He gets pleased and provides protection to the individual from His noose and mace. Due to His blessings and grace the worshipper enjoys a long life with good health and receives knowledge on Dharma.

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