We are confident that Pakistan will keep the nuclear weapons secured : US

US makes a U-turn about Jihadi Pakistan

Washington (US) – On 17th October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the US said that they are aware of Pakistan’s capacity regarding nuclear weapons, but they have possessed the weapons without any reconciliation, said the Deputy Spokesperson on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of US Vedant Patel in a press conference. He said that a secure and prosperous Pakistan is necessary for the well-being of the US.

The President of the US Biden had said a couple of days that Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. He also said that no one has control over the nuclear weapons possessed by Pakistan. Now after this statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is said that the US is making a U-turn.

In the past month, the US had given $450 million (Rs 3,581 Crore) for the maintenance of the F-16 fighter planes. This is the highest aid given to Islamabad in the past 4 years.

Editorial viewpoint

If the US is trusting Pakistan even after knowing that it is the homeland of Jihadi terrorism, they are inviting their own destruction. If the US is making such baseless statements after PM Modi’s appeal to the world to put forth their clear stand about the Jihadi terrorism of Pakistan, India should question them for it.