“Hindus have one wife and 3 mistresses, but there is no respect for anyone; while Muslim men marry twice, but honour both” : Shaukat Ali, AIMIM

UP State President of AIMIM Shaukat Ali’s anti-Hindu statement !

UP State President of AIMIM Shaukat Ali

Lucknow (UP) – Uttar Pradesh All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president Shaukat Ali has sparked a controversy after he made anti-Hindu remarks during a speech at a private programme. He said, ‘Sometimes, they say you (Muslims) marry thrice. Even if we marry twice, we give equal respect to both the wives in the society; whereas, you (Hindus) marry one woman and keep three mistresses, but respect none. If we get married twice, we also register the names of the children from both wives on the ration card’.

On the Supreme Court’s recent verdict on the ban on Hijab, Shaukat Ali said that it is not Hindutva, but the Constitution that will decide what dress is permissible in the country. BJP is dividing the country by raising such issues. (Muslims have already divided India in 1947. Also, why is Shaukat Ali silent about the fact that Jihadi Muslims are trying to divide India yet again after forcing lakhs of Hindus to flee Kashmir in 1989 ? – Editor) Raising issues like madarsas, mob killings, waqf and hijab make it easier for the BJP to target us. When the BJP weakens, it brings in Muslim issues, alleged Ali.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Why doesn’t Shaukat Ali tell the recent rebuke by the Supreme Court in which it said, ‘Even though it is mentioned in the Quran that if a Muslim cannot look after one wife, he cannot marry another, yet Muslims marry another woman’ ?
  • Why Shaukat Ali doesn’t utter a word about married Muslim men hiding their religious identity and trapping Hindu girls through ‘Love Jihad’ ?