A case filed against Shaukat Ali, President of AIMIM, Uttar Pradesh

Issue related to his disgraceful statement against Hindus

AIMIM’s Uttar Pradesh President Shaukat Ali

Sambhal (Uttar Pradesh) – A case has been filed against AIMIM’s Uttar Pradesh President Shaukat Ali who had made disgraceful statements against Hindus in a rally held here. Some of the statements made by him have now come to light.

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We ruled over you for 832 years ! – Shaukat Ali

Shaukat Ali had said in this rally, ‘You (Hindus) are threatening us. You are like insects. We have ruled over India for 832 years. You were serving our Kings with your hands tied behind you. We made your sister ‘Malik-e-Hindustan (queen)’ Who was Jodhabai ? We never discriminated. Who is more secular than us ? We are uplifting even you, along with us. One Sadhu said Muslims should be butchered. Are we like carrots, radishes, or onions ? ‘Sadhu-saheb’, if you see a Muslim’s angry face, you will wet your pants.’

Editorial Viewpoint

Only filing a case is not enough, Hindus must follow up rigorously till such persons are arrested and punished !

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