585 illegal madarasas in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) 

Lucknow (UP) – Of the 6,502 madarasas in Uttar Pradesh, 5,200 have been surveyed. In the Moradabad District of the State, 585 illegal madarasas have been found. According to the survey, illegal madarasas receive funds worth crores of rupees. The report of this survey has been submitted to the State Government.

(Credit : India Today)

Illegal madarasas in various Districts of Uttar Pradesh 

In Ghaziabad, 139 madarasas are running without Government recognition. There are 142 illegal madarasas in Gorakhpur. In Kanpur, 86 madarasas are running without Government recognition. In Ayodhya, 55 out of 143 madarasas are illegal. Out of 269 madarasas in Prayagraj, 78 madarasas are illegal. In Barabanki, 102 madarasas are running without Government recognition. 25 madarasas are illegal in Pilibhit. Also, 100 madarasas are running in Deoband without Government recognition. In Saharanpur, 76 out of 754 madarasas are not recognised by the Government. The report found that 10 out of 97 madarasas in Agra are illegal. Through this report, it has been revealed that madarasas that are not approved by the Government have received funds of crores. (Police should be ashamed as such a large number of illegal madarasas are running under their noses – Editor)

The State Government had undertaken a survey of madarasas in the State. Since, in August 2022 it came to light that sexual abuse and violation of child rights were being committed in madarasas. The Samajwadi Party had opposed the survey.

Editorial viewpoint

If there are so many illegal madarasas in one District, it is better not to think about how many there are in the State and the entire Country.

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