Companies in Europe may ban hijab at work !

Top Court of the European Union rules

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Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) – Hijab has been banned in educational institutions in Karnataka. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will take the final decision on this. On the other hand, after a decision given by the top Court of the European Union, there is a possibility that the European corporations will ban the hijab at workplace. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), while giving a decision in a case, said, ‘A general prohibition on a headscarf is not discriminatory against workers on religious grounds and does not violate EU law. But whether banning hijab in this way, is an indirect discrimination or not, should be decided by the Belgian Courts’. The Court also said that EU companies could prohibit their employees from wearing headscarves under specific situations if they were required to portray a neutral image to clients.

The Court was hearing a case relating to a Muslim lady who was notified that she could not wear a hijab when she applied for a six-week work internship at a Belgian company. The company stated that it has a neutrality rule under which all kinds of head coverings are banned inside its premises including hats, caps, or headscarves. The woman took her grievance to a Belgian court who eventually referred the case to the CJEU for clarification on the EU law.