Zubair, when caught stealing at a temple, threatened to blow up the temple with a bomb

An incident from Bareilly

A fanatic Muslim Zubair

Bareilly (UP) – On October 11th, a fanatic Muslim named Zubair was caught stealing from the Temple donation box in Bada Hanumaan temple in the Premnagar area of Bareilly UP. He was caught by the Hindus present in the temple. He identified himself as Rohit. However, when people identified him as a Muslim, he started abusing Hindu Deities and also threatened to blow up the Temple with a bomb.

(Credit : TV9 Uttar Pradesh UttaraKhand)

Priest Kuldeep Mishra became suspicious when he noticed Zubair near the donation box in the temple. He also noticed that the donation box was messed up. With the help of the Hindus present in the Temple, the priest caught Zubair. Zubair was interrogated and he said he had proof of identity, but his beard made the Hindus suspicious. After dialing his number, “true caller” showed the name Zubair. Police arrested him and recovered Rs 1,692.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is shameful for the Hindus that the religious fanatics dare to carry out theft in a Temple
  • Why shouldn`t the Yogi Government of UP bulldoze the houses of such religious fanatics to teach them a lesson ?