Centre should not start another language war by imposing Hindi

Stalin, CM of Tamil Nadu warns PM Modi

Stalin, CM of Tamil Nadu

Chennai – The Centre should not start another language war by imposing Hindi. I learned it from the media that the Government is trying to do that, warned MK Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee and Home Minister Amit Shah submitted a report regarding the National language recently to President Draupadi Murmu. In that, the Parliamentary Committee has recommended the use of Hindi instead of English in IIT, IIM, AIIMS and also Central Schools. Stalin expressed his reaction over it.

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

Stalin said further that if this report is implemented then the other language community might have to remain at secondary status. There were agitations earlier opposing this proposal in Tamil Nadu. Imposing Hindi would be a challenge to the integrity of India. Indian Government should learn a lesson from the past agitations. We should try to make the various languages in the nation as Centrally authorised languages; so why the need felt to give such a status to Hindi ? Why was the proposal made by prioritising Hindi by sidelining English ? These things are against the basic rights of the Constitution.

Editorial viewpoint

In the background of opposition to Hindi in South India, the Government should try to prioritise Sanskrut now. Divine language Sanskrut is the mother of all regional languages.

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