Europe covered by the dark clouds of war !

  • 10 cities in Ukraine attacked by Russia
  • Belarus openly provides military support to Russia
  • NATO announces of being ready for the war against Russia

Kyiv (Ukraine) – In order to take revenge against Ukraine for destroying the Kerch Bridge in Crimea, Russia attacked 10 cities in Ukraine, informed Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia carried out missile attacks on Ukraine; hence, many citizens had to take refuge in the concentration camps or underground metro. This attack caused 11 deaths in various cities in Ukraine and injured 65.

Till now the war was restricted only to Russia and Ukraine but now Belarus has stepped in and is openly providing military support to Russia. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka said, “Our country will provide land to Russia where it can start its military centre.”

On the other hand, the NATO countries have announced supporting Ukraine against Russia in war. The Secretary General of NATO Stalten Berg said they will keep supporting Ukraine in the war and won’t back out. Hence, the dark clouds of war have started shrouding Europe.