An appeal to Hindu brethren on the occasion of ‘Bhaiyadooj’

On the occasion of Bhaiyadooj, gift Sanatan Sanstha’s Texts (which are treasures of eternal knowledge) to your sister, and make her a subscriber of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals (which increase love and respect for the Nation and Dharma). These will be unique gifts !

1. Bhaiyadooj and gift on the occasion : On Bhaiyadooj, the sister invites her brother to participate in the Diwali festivities at her house. She performs his ‘aukshan’ with the wish that he always protects her; the brother gifts her something in return. It is a practice to gift something unique and different to the sister. Usually, the brother gifts new clothes, ornaments, etc. while some even gift cash.

2. Excellent gift as per the times : Instead of gifting perishable items, one can gift Texts published by Sanatan Sanstha since they contain eternal knowledge. The sister can also be made a subscriber of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals. Such gifts will be more appropriate in the present times.

3. Sanatan’s Texts explain the science in our Dharma in a simple language and increase faith in Dharma : Till September 2022, Sanatan Sanstha has published 357 Texts and Booklets on various subjects such as Spirituality, Spiritual practice, How to worship Deities, Ways of celebrating Hindu festivals, Achardharma, Balsanskars, Protecting the Nation, awakening of Dharma. Over 90 lakh copies of these Texts have been published in 17 languages. Gifting such Texts will help increase faith amongst readers in their Dharma.

4. ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ etches the importance of spiritual practice and creates the mental strength in women to face adverse situations : In today’s times, women are facing numerous problems. It is therefore necessary to create awareness in women on how to overcome these problems. ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ has been incessantly working for this goal in the interest of society. Various articles motivating women to take training in self-defence, how to face adverse situations with the help of spiritual practice, etc. are regularly published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Periodicals; therefore, mental strength is created in women to face adverse situations. What can be a better gift than making your sister a subscriber of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, which emphasizes the importance of spiritual practice and can bring about complete change in her life !

Sanatan’s Texts and Booklets can be obtained from the local distributors.

To subscribe to ‘Sanatan Prabhat’, please visit : or contact local seekers of Sanatan Sanstha.