‘Sikhs for Justice’ holds referendum for Khalistan in Canada

  • Proposal to make Shimla the capital !
  • Announcement of a referendum in Punjab too !

Toronto (Canada) – Khalistanis claim to have held the referendum for Khalistan in Toronto, a part of a dubious effort to bolster their demand for a separate Khalistan from India. The terrorist organisation has claimed that 1.10 lakh people have voted in favour of the referendum. As a part of their nefarious plan, the Khalistanis say that Shimla, which is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, will be made the capital of Khalistan. (Sample flyer here.)

Approximately 1 lakh Sikhs live in Canada. Relations between India and Canada have always been tense over the pro-Khalistan issue. Canada’s Trudeau Government had previously refused to ban the referendum. The Trudeau Government called the referendum a ‘peaceful and democratic process’ under the country’s legal framework.

Earlier, ‘Sikhs for Justice’ claimed to have held such plebiscites in London as well as in Italy and Geneva (Switzerland). According to information received by intelligence agencies, Pakistan is behind these plebiscites for the creation of Khalistan, and Pakistani Muslims participate in such plebiscites in large numbers.

‘Sikhs for Justice’ announce holding a referendum in Punjab too !

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the leader of ‘Sikhs for Justice’, has announced holding a similar referendum in Punjab too. Pannu said that the referendum will be started on 26th January 2023, the 74th Republic Day of India.

Elaborating on the situation following the attack on the Swaminarayan Temple, a Canadian Government official said Canadian citizens have full freedom of expression under the framework of Canadian law. A campaign for Khalistan is being carried out by ‘Sikhs for Justice’, a group of Khalistani and separatist Sikhs in Canada. (Patriots in India demand that the Indian Government should put pressure on Canada to protect Hindu temples from attacks in Canada. – Editor)

Canadian MP Sukhminder Singh Dhaliwal said constitutional and democratic political expression cannot be stopped. Jatinder Singh Grewal (Policy Director of ‘Sikhs for Justice’) said, “The Khalistan referendum issue comes under the right to freedom of expression and this is a fundamental right enjoyed by all Canadians”.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Such a referendum would be an attack on India’s sovereignty ! Canada has become a haven for Khalistanis and it is unacceptable that Canada allows its land to be used in this way. It is necessary for India to deal with Canada in a language that it understands !
  • The Aam Aadmi Party is in power in Punjab. There are allegations that AAP has links with the Khalistanis, and hence, the Khalistani movement has gained momentum since its arrival. It is necessary to impose President’s rule in Punjab to crush the movement !

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