Haryana Education Board will teach Vedic Mathematics to students

Published 46 thousand books

Bhivani (Haryana) – Haryana Education Board is going to teach Vedic Mathematics to students in Government schools. The Government has published 46,000 books spending Rs 18 lakh. The President of the Haryana Education Board Jagabir Singh said that although the Directorate of Education has not yet sanctioned the syllabus of Vedic Mathematics, yet the Board of Directors have given it. Singh said that students will definitely benefit thereby.

Among the 119 schools in the State, 3 schools in every District have been selected to teach this Syllabus to students studying in 9th till 12th Std. So they will not need paper and pen for multiplication, Division, so also while counting numerals, they will be able to do this on fingers only, he said.

Editorial viewpoint

The commendable decision of the Haryana Government. Hindus opine that now other BJP-ruled States also should teach Vedic Mathematics to students to achieve success in present competitive Era.

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