Ajinomoto causes heart disease and High Blood Pressure : Report findings

It is widely used in Chinese cuisines, like Manchurian, Momos, and Spring roll

Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) – Ajinomoto a chemical salt is widely used in Chinese cuisine, and dishes like Manchurian, Momos, and Spring rolls, to improve the taste of the dish. But consuming it causes a lot of health issues. According to the report of Allahabad University’s Biochemistry researcher, ‘eating this causes heart issues, high blood pressure, and many other health issues.’ Earlier too many researchers have said that it causes health issues. It should be taken into consideration that today many children’s diets consist of junk food and dishes with Ajinomoto.

Damage caused by Ajinomoto (MSG)

1. The research of Allahabad University was published in The Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry. The scientists say,

2. A small dose of MSG can cause damage to the health of a person, such as High Blood Pressure, Heart diseases, early aging, etc.

3. It is extremely dangerous for children and they become addicted to it in a short time.

4. Blood and Brain issues can be created in young children and foetus in the womb.

What is Ajinomoto ?

Ajinomoto is a type of chemical salt. Its chemical name is ‘Monosodium Glucomate’ (MSG). In 1909 it was commercialised as a brand. It is present naturally in tomatoes and cheese.

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