Upset after Pakistan lost the match the Rameez Raja, president of the Pakistan Cricket Board, snatched an Indian journalist’s phone

Pakistan Cricket Board president and former cricketer Rameez Raja

Dubai  – Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan in the final match of the ‘Asia Cup 2022’ cricket tournament in Dubai on Sunday, 11th September, ashing all hopes of a Pakistani victory.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

In between all this, a video is being widely circulated on social media of the Pakistan Cricket Board president and former cricketer Rameez Raja, who was upset with Pakistan’s defeat. In this video, he can be seen shouting at an Indian journalist. After Pakistan’s defeat, Rameez Raja interacted with the reporters who were present outside the ground. During this time, an Indian journalist Rohit Juglan asked him, ‘What is your message to the Pakistani people who are devastated by this defeat ?’ To which Ramiz Raja replied, “You are an Indian. So that’s why you are very happy with Pakistan’s defeat.” Saying so, he snatched the journalist’s mobile and then asked him to go away.

Editorial Viewpoint

This shows the deep hatred that the Pakistanis have towards India and they do not miss an opportunity to express it !

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