A Balaji temple in Agra vandalised by fanatical Muslims for opposing the consumption of alcohol

A priest was also beaten up

Agra (Uttar Pradesh)  – Nizam and Gulfam have been arrested by the Police in connection with a case of vandalism of the Balaji temple in the Tota Khai area and also for assaulting a priest. When the vandals came and tried to drink alcohol inside the temple, some people tried to oppose them. So in response, they vandalised the temple.

Ravi Kumar, a trustee of the temple said, ‘Both of them have apologised at the Police station. Hence we do not wish to escalate this situation. Because there are equal numbers of Hindus and Muslims in this area. There is also a mosque near the temple. (Hindus fear Muslims even when they are equal in number, whereas fanatical Muslims even if they are a minority, will not hesitate to attack the majority Hindus. In fact, they will even force them to flee ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Even after fanatics threatened to behead Nupur Sharma for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad, Hindus are still taking legal recourse against these fanatics who are hurting their religious sentiments. Now, will those calling Hindus as ‘Saffron Terrorists’ dare to speak now ?