A Muslim arrested for praying for the Queen of Britain in a Mosque in Mecca

Arrested citizen of Yemen

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – A citizen of Yemen was arrested in Saudi Arabia. This citizen was holding a placard in the Grand Mosque of Saudi Arabia. On that placard was written, ‘Pray for the peace of Queen Elizabeth Second’s soul, request God to accept her into Heaven’. He was arrested immediately. The pilgrims to Mecca are prohibited to carry any placards and banned from indulging in any type of sloganeering.

Similarly, it is permitted to pray for a dead Muslim, but praying for non-Muslims is prohibited.

Editorial Viewpoint

Strict rules have to be followed in Muslim religious places, and strict action is taken on those who break them. But if Hindu’s make any rules for maintaining the purity of their religious places, the liberals and criticise it by saying ‘it is a blow on personal freedom’. Such people should now speak out about the Mecca incident.

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