In more than 94.8% of Hindu-Muslim marriages in India, the groom is a Muslim

  • The claims of Pakistani advocate Zainab Khan
  • An article published by a Kashmir University scholar was cited as support
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Islamabad (Pakistan) – In Hindu-Muslim marriages in India, 94.8% of the time the groom is a Muslim. In addition, 68% of these marriages end in divorce, 73% of women experience physical abuse, 65% of women die before the age of 50, and 12% of women commit suicide. Additionally, Hindu-Muslim marriages have a 12 times higher rate of domestic violence deaths than the average Indian marriage. In a tweet, Zainab Khan, a famous Pakistani advocate, made these claims. The author cites a research paper presented at an event in Ahmedabad by Kashmir University scholar Hilal Ahmed Kumar.

Editorial viewpoint

The secularists claim that Love Jihad is a fictional concept, now how would they like to respond to this report findings ?