Ajay Devgan insults Deity Chitragupta in the film Thank God

Actor Ajay Devgan

Mumbai – Due to the anti-Hindu mentality of Bollywood, people have opposed the films released in the last few months. Due to it, many films have failed to earn big. Still, there is no end to making fun of Hindu Deities through the movies. The trailer of actor Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film ‘Thank God’ was released on 9th September. In one of the scenes, Ajay Devgan calls himself Chitragupta and talks about the karma of the other person. So far, the film is fine, but the way the dialogues are delivered is like mocking the Deity. Not only this, Ajay Devgan himself is claiming to be Chitragupta, while half-naked girls are standing beside him.

1. This film has been produced by Indra Kumar, Ashok Thackeray, Anand Pandit, Makarand Adhikari, Sunil Khetrapal, etc., under the banner of T-Series. The film is directed by Indra Kumar and scripted by Akash Kaushik and Madhur Sharma. The film is scheduled to release on 25th October.

2. As soon as the trailer of the film was released, it has been criticised on social media. People have taken to social media to criticise the writer, director and producer for mocking the Deities. There has been a call to boycott Bollywood along with this film.

Editorial Viewpoint

Bollywood has become a medium to insult Hindu Deities. It will not be a surprise if Hindus boycott such anti-Hindu films.

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