A video of attacks on Hindus by fanatic Pakistani Muslims in Britain goes viral on social media

Leicester (Britain) – Videos of Muslims vandalising Hindu homes are circulating on social media. It shows Muslim mobs with weapons in their hands attacking Hindus’ homes. They are abusing Hindus. The Police are not there in the video, so there is no one to control the mob. On the other hand, there are accusations on social media that Hindus are attacking Hindus. Some social media users are saying the attack is intentional. Muslims have pre-planned the attacks. After the incident, the Police launched a search operation to take action against the perpetrators of violence.

1. In the video, it is seen that Hindus are beaten up, their houses vandalised and the saffron flag outside the house is flung out. Even the media in Britain seems to be ignoring these incidents. It is said that they avoid broadcasting such incidents.

2. Sunny Hundal, a Hindu-phobic journalist of The Independent, posted a video on 30th August. In the video, some are shouting slogans of ‘Pakistan Murdabad’. He had written that in Leicester, devout Hindus were taking to the streets and causing violence. It is a disturbing incident. (Hindus are tolerant wherever they are in the world, but if someone oppresses them or targets them, won’t they resist ? It is an example of how Hindus are being maligned globally. – Editor)

3. The video and tweet of Sunny Hundal are said to be the reason for the attack on Hindus. Sunny Hundal always targets Indians and Hindus. It is because of him that Pakistani Muslims in Britain are targeting Hindus. (What action will the Police take against such a Hindu-hating journalist ? – Editor)

4. A cricket match is said to be behind this violence. On 28th August, there was a T-20 match between India and Pakistan. While celebrating the victory on Belgrave Road, after India won, some miscreants disrespected the Indian flag. So, Indians thought the insulters were Pakistanis, and they shouted slogans of ‘Pakistan Murdabad’. Then there was a dispute between Pakistan and India.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus feel that Rishi Sunak, Britain’s politician of Indian origin, should take action against fanatic Muslims, and try to protect Hindus.
  • In such cases, the Government of India must also protect Hindus.

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