The Taliban is behind the growing threat of terrorist activities in Kashmir !

A clear statement by Ahmed Shah Masood the leader of Panjshir, who is an opponent of the Taliban in Afghanistan

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Kabul (Afghanistan)  –  Even after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, India continues to help Afghani citizens. India has sent over 50 thousand tons of wheat to Afghanistan through Pakistan. India has also re-opened its embassy in Kabul. Against this background, Ahmed Masood, the son of the leader of the ‘Northern Alliance’ and the leader of the Panjshir Valley, who has opposed the Taliban in Afghanistan and is an ally of India,  has warned India. He has said that Talibani terrorists are not giving the aid provided by India to the needy. In fact, this aid is being used to feed their soldiers and their families instead of giving it to Afghani citizens. He has further claimed that it is the Taliban that is behind the growing menace of terrorism in Kashmir.

In an interview given to an English daily in India, Ahmed Masood further said, The Taliban has made Afghanistan a safe haven for terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda and Jaish-e-Mohammed. This is a huge threat to India and other countries. Also, Pakistan is providing protection to the Taliban. Pakistan is playing with fire and one fine day it will get ruined by this very fire.

Masood further said that, after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the violence in Kashmir has increased tenfold. These terrorist organisations think that if they continue to carry out violence like the Taliban and continue to carry out terrorist activities, they will receive support from other countries and they can soon establish terrorist Governments in other countries as well.

Masood also said that all of us have to unite and defeat such terrorists. India is currently going into panic mode and trying to gather intel on the situation. Such fear could be fatal.  We have sought all possible help from India. We have over 3,500 soldiers active in Panjshir and other provinces.

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