You Hindus take bath in cow’s urine, you have destroyed India and doing the same to America

A video of a person making anti-Hindu remarks in the US going viral

California (USA) – A anti-Hindu hate video has become viral on social media in the town of Fremont. In this video, a foreign national is seen obscenely abusing an Indian person. This incident is said to be on 21st June 2022.

1. The video shows that Krishnan Jayaraman was waiting in the restaurant when a person came and started abusing him. He said, why did you second-class people come here barefoot ? This is not India. You destroyed India and now you are destroying America.

2. Further, he said to Krishnan that you Hindus take bath in cow urine. The person threw a dollar in Krishnan’s face and started spitting everywhere. He spoke Hindi and Punjabi. Using the name of Indira Gandhi, he mentioned the bombing. According to Krishnan, he thought the man would be Indian and have Khalistani connections. When the Police were called, he calmed down.

Editorial viewpoint

The US accuses India on a regular basis about oppressing minorities. In their own country, racist incidents have occurred for centuries, but they ignore them.

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