China’s statement violates diplomatic etiquettes

  • India responds to China criticising India for taking Sri Lanka’s side
  • The case of Sri Lanka allowing a Chinese spy ship to dock on its port

New Delhi – Sri Lanka allowed a Chinese spy ship to dock in its Hambantota port despite India’s objections. After staying in this port for a week, the ship had set sail. India had condemned Sri Lanka in this regard. China’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Qi Zhenhongon, criticised India for it. External obstruction, based on so-called security concerns without any evidence, is a clear interference into the island nation’s sovereignty and independence, he alleged India without naming it. (China’s direct remark to India concerning Sri Lanka, in such harsh terms, is a failure of India’s foreign policy. China needs an equally tough response. – Editor)

India has responded to China. The Indian High Commissioner in Colombo tweeted that Sri Lanka needs support, not undue pressure. The Chinese ambassador’s statement is a violation of diplomatic etiquette. Their attitude towards Sri Lanka’s northern neighbour (India) could be a reflection of their country’s behaviour at large. (Such a meek response will not affect China. – Editor)