Racial attack on Indian women in Texas USA

Woman threatens to kill

Esmeralda Upton who assaulted 4 women of Indian origin

Texas (USA) – A video of a Mexican-American woman named Esmeralda Upton`s racial assault on 4 women of Indian origin, which is being shared across social media has raised a wave of outrage. Upton threatened to shoot the Indian women. The woman has been arrested.

This woman suddenly came to a group of Indian American women who were heading towards their car in parking lot after dinner at a restaurant and started verbally abusing them. She said, “I hate Indians”. All the Indians come here to live a better life. I was born in America. Everywhere I go, I see Indians. If life was so great in India, why are you all here? Why do you come to America? She also physically and verbally assaulted the Indian women.

Editorial  viewpoint

Please note, that this is the true nature of the US criticising India for alleged religious violence in India.

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