Attempt to lynch a Hindu citizen of Pakistan on fake blasphemy allegations

Hyderabad (Pakistan) – Ashok Kumar, a sanitation worker, was registered in a blasphemy case for allegedly making offensive statements about the Quran. After Ashok Kumar’s allegedly offensive statements, Muslims gathered outside his house and tried to attack him, but simultaneously the Police also reached the place, so Kumar narrowly escaped. The crowd demanded the Police hand over Ashok to them. The Police had to lathi charge to disperse the crowd. Currently, Ashok Kumar is kept in the Rabia Center in Saddar, Hyderabad. A resident complained against Ashok Kumar after a dispute with him. Police said Ashok Kumar was targeted due to a personal conflict with a resident.

Blasphemy laws are strict in Pakistan. The death penalty is imposed under it. Many have been killed on charges of blasphemy. In December 2021, a Sri Lankan manager of a factory was beaten and burnt by a Pakistani mob on charges of blasphemy.

Editorial Viewpoints

In India, hundreds of denigrations of Hindus’ Deities happen. However, there are no strict blasphemy laws to punish the accused for the denigration of Hindu Deities.

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