It is necessary to win against the mental process that nurtures Naxalism : Advocate Rachana Naidu

Adv. Rachana Naidu

“Naxalism is the greatest danger to the internal security of the country. We are getting defeated in the ideological war. When the Indian army is capably fighting the armed Naxals in difficult terrains, false propaganda is being spread that they are killing villagers, molesting women, infringing on human rights, etc. The armed Naxals are only 25%, while 75% Naxal force works through various mediums to carry on the movement. It is necessary to ideologically combat the writers, journalists, political leaders, social activists who are giving overt or covert support to the Naxal ideology”, said Adv. Rachana Naidu (from Durg, Chhattisgarh), on the subject – ‘75 years of Independence – Why Naxalism has not ended even now ?’

She added, “The Naxals have killed whoever has opposed them. What kind of a revolution is this where Naxals kill at will ? When we speak with the Naxals who have surrendered, we understand that they are not connected with the Naxal ideology. Many Hindu temples are broken in Naxal-dominated areas, but we do not hear that churches or other places of worship are being harmed”.

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