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Islamisation of education under the guise of ‘Secular’ continues : Dr Neel Madhav Das (Founder, ‘Tarun Hindu’, Jharkhand)

Mumbai – “The Gurukul system of education existed in India in the earlier times. Islamisation of the education system was seen as a means to uproot this system, and with encouragement from MK Gandhi, the required efforts began much before our Independence. It is then that lessons on Akbar, Tipu Sultan, etc. were included in the school text books. These lessons are still being taught. To summarise, Islamising education is going on under the guise of being ‘Secular’. This is Education Jihad. Till India does not become a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Constitutionally, Islamisation of all fields, including education, will continue”, said Dr Neel Madhav Das (Founder, ‘Tarun Hindu’, Jharkhand) on the subject – ‘Does Education Jihad exist in India ?’

Mr Ritesh Kashyap (Reporter of ‘Panchajanya’ in Jharkhand) said, “Aspects such as weekly holiday to schools on Friday instead of Sunday, preference to Urdu instead of Hindi are taking place in Ranchi and the Districts of Dumka, Jamtara, Garhwa, Palamu, Pakur, Bokaro, etc. in Jharkhand. These aspects came to light after news appeared in the media. These changes were brought about in schools without any Government order. Such things are implemented only because Muslims are in a majority and have been in effect for the past 10-25 years. All this is being done to appease Muslims. Along with the schools in Jharkhand, this is taking place in many schools in Bihar and Bengal; however, news about this has never reached the people”.

Mr Vishwanath Kulkarni (Coordinator of HJS for UP and Bihar) said, “Since Independence, most Education Ministers have either been Muslims or pro-Muslims. As a result, incorrect aspects have been taught. Numerous pages have been wasted in NCERT textbooks to glorify the Mughals. In NCERT’s English book for the 5th standard in the lesson ‘The little bully’, a student named Hari is depicted as troubling girls and a student named Abdul is depicted as performing virtuous deeds. Through such lessons, the leftists have meticulously targeted Hindus and spread hatred against them. Even the texts of Balbharati do not carry the picture of Afzal Khan being killed; however, the text has a lesson on Idgah. One text in Goa gives entirely false information that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attacked Bardez Taluka in Goa and tortured the locals for three days. It is time the parents woke up and checked what is being taught to their children in schools”.

All countries, United Nations and India should take initiative to protect Hindus in Bangladesh : H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh

“Hindus in Bangladesh are being targeted by Muslims who have a criminal mentality. They make false allegations that the Quran or the Prophet are being insulted, and then commit atrocities such as demolishing Hindu temples, denigrating Idols of Deities, setting ablaze Hindu localities, murdering Hindus, raping Hindu women and girls. Such incidents are increasing day-by-day. The Bangladesh Government and the Police are passive spectators; as a result, Hindus are not safe in Bangladesh, they have no guardian. If this continues, the earlier situation will resurface and there will be no Hindu left in Bangladesh. Hence, all the countries in the world, the United Nations and India should take initiative to protect Hindus” appealed H.H. (Adv.) Rabindra Ghosh (President of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’), who wages battle for their Human rights, on the subject – ‘Why is the Government silent on the atrocities being faced by Hindus in Bangladesh ?’

Prof. Chandan Sarkar (President of ‘Research and Empowerment Organisation’) said, “Hindu localities in Bangladesh are being attacked in an organised manner and Hindus are being targeted since 2012. The intention is that Hindus get terrified and flee Bangladesh. As a result, the Hindu population is continuously reducing. The Hindu population in Bangladesh was 28% earlier, it has now dwindled to 6%”.

Mr Dipan Mitra (General Secretary of ‘World Hindu Federation’) said that in past few months over 325 Hindu temples, Shri Durga Puja Pandals have been vandalised. Hindu men have been killed and their women kidnapped. Hindus are deprived of their fundamental rights; however, the whole world including India are silent spectators to these atrocities. “We desperately need help to put an end to the Hindu sufferings”, he added.

Mr Shambhu Gaware (Coordinator of HJS for East and North-East region) pointed that when Muslims feel slighted with the smallest of incidents, all 57 Muslim Nations raise their voices unitedly. Even the United Nations and the European Union support them. “Why do they not speak about the brutal murders of Kashmiri Hindus and the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh ? It is time Hindus united against the suffering of their brethren in Bangladesh. One MP in Netherlands, Mr Geert Wilders, has asked 13 questions about the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh. In a similar manner, Hindus should protest outside the Bangladesh Embassy, and thus, pressurise them. Demand an explanation from the Human Rights Organisation and the UN”, he added.


Editorial Viewpoint

Till India does not become a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Constitutionally, Islamisation of all fields, including education, will continue !