Six Pakistan citizens imprisoned in Medina (Saudi Arabia) for desecrating a mosque    

Riyad (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia has declared 6 Pakistani Nationals as offenders for desecrating the ‘Masjid-e-Nawabi’ in Medina during the visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Saudi Arabia. 3 of them have been sentenced to 10 years, and the other 3 were given 8 years imprisonment. In addition, they have to each pay a penalty of Rs 4.23 lakh. When Prime Minister came to this masjid the culprits’ shouted slogans of ‘Thief, Thief,’ and objectionable comments of Shareef’s wife, they also misbehaved with Minister Shahzain Bugti and pulled his hair.

Editorial viewpoint

Does anyone ever get punished in India for desecrating (violating the sanctity of) a Temple ?

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