Police constable in Rajasthan caught red-handed taking a bribe

Police constable Suresh Kumar

Bansur (Rajasthan) – The team of the Anti-Corruption Department caught red-handed the Police constable Suresh Kumar, of Bansur Police station, taking a bribe of Rs 1.4 lakh.

Police Superintendent Vijay Singh Meena, of the Anti-Corruption Department, said a lady Mukesh Devi of Harsoli (Kotkasim) on 1st August 2022, made a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Department; that the Police of Bansur Police station is asking her husband, against whom a rape complaint has been registered, to pay Rs.1.4 lakh to avoid arrest. And also, that Police Inspector Ravindra Kaviya has illegally kept her husband in the Police station for the last 17 days. (Such Police outlaws should be imprisoned for life – Editor) Based on this complaint, the Anti-Corruption Department set up a team under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahendra Meena to investigate the matter. As planned Mukesh Devi hander over the bribe money to Constable Suresh Kumar. At that moment the Anti-Corruption Department personnel who were already there caught him red-handed. After this action, it was found that Police station officers Ravindra Kavia and Devi Singh were missing. Ravindra Kavia has been suspended for illegally keeping Satish Kumar Jat confined in the Police Station for 17 days.

Editorial viewpoint

Corrupt Police force ! Others won’t dare to do this if all the wealth of the concerned Police personnel is confiscated and they are shamed in public.

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