Religious fanatics forcefully shut 5 Government schools in Jharkhand

Opposed the Government’s decision to give holiday on Sunday instead of Friday

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – Even after Jharkhand Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato ordered all schools in the State to give holiday on Sunday, but in some Muslim-majority areas of Palamu District they defied. According to the Government, the District’s 5 Government schools in the Muslim-majority areas of Nawabazar and Vishrampur remained open on Friday 29th July, but religious fanatics forced to close 4 Government schools in Vishrampur. The teachers tried to tell the fanatics about the order from the Minister of Education and contacted the higher education authorities, but the religious fanatics ignored it.

Religious fanatics locked a school and sent the teachers out

A similar incident took place in a school in Nawabazar. Religious fanatics blocked the school in Diharia, and the teachers stood outside. Mani Kumar Pandey, a Government official here, has confirmed the incidents of forceful closure of schools in this manner. Along with this, he also clarified that schools would be closed only on Sundays.

The word Urdu added unofficially to the names of 49 schools in the Palamu District

According to a report, there are 20 Urdu schools in Palamu District. However, the names of 49 other schools were also unofficially added with the word Urdu and all these schools had declared Friday holiday. After this news spread in the media, District Education Officer Upendra Narayan ordered to remove the word Urdu from the names of these schools and ordered the schools to remain open on Friday. (Government should take strict action against such District Education Officers who wake up after the media reports the news. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Is Jharkhand in India or Pakistan ?
  • From this, it is seen that rebellious religious fanatics do not obey the law, Government orders, etc. What action is the Government going to take on such defiance ?
  • Why is the secularist church not opposing those who are trying to Islamise the schools ? Or is it that they oppose only when the teaching of Hindu Dharma is implemented in schools ?
  • What is wrong if someone justifies the recently made statement by Union Minister Giriraj Singh, ‘giving a holiday on Friday means an attempt to implement Sharia law’ ?