Thousands of Iraqi protestors storm into the Parliament and create chaos

Oppose pro-Iran Prime Minister nominee

Baghdad (Iraq) – Protests have started in Iraq against the announcement of the nomination of a pro-Iran candidate for the prime ministerial position. Thousands of protesters stormed the Iraqi Parliament on the night of 27th July, waving Iraqi flags and creating a ruckus. Police used water cannons and cement barriers to prevent protesters from entering Parliament; however, the protestors dodged the Police and entered the Parliament. Iranian-backed parties have nominated Mohammed al-Sudani as a prime ministerial candidate. The country’s clerics and their supporters are opposing it. Since then, the political situation in Iraq has deteriorated. Cleric Moqtada Sadr is the leader of the protestors. He is a Shia by origin. Elections were held in Iraq in October 2021.

Threats to foreign embassies

There are also embassies of all countries in the Parliament premises. If the protesters reach at this point, the Police and security forces will be left with no option but to open fire. It can cause great loss of life. Caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi appealed the protesters, ‘We can speak peacefully. Immediately withdraw from the Parliament premises. It can prove dangerous for the country’.

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