Islamic countries financing PFI to make India an Islamic nation

Patna (Bihar) – Three party workers of the Popular Front of India (PFI) were recently arrested in Phulwari Sharif. The material found with them revealed a conspiracy to make India an Islamic Nation by the year 2047. The investigation of these three has revealed that many Islamic countries, including Turkey, are funding the Popular Front of India.

The arrested terrorist, Danish, is associated with the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan. He was in constant contact with a Pakistani named Faizan.

A book was distributed within the PFI organisation. It has a plan to make India an Islamic nation. Accordingly, these activists were working. At Patna, they were running a terrorist training centre.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The dream of Jihadi Muslims to make India an Islamic Nation is not new. The Islamic countries are now encouraging and financing the Jihadis in India to carry out armed activities. In light of this, Hindus need to declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ immediately.
  • If this kind of money comes from abroad for Jihadis, how come the security systems do not notice it ? Or are they sleeping ?
  • Hindus are puzzled – when will the Central Government ban the PFI ?

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