A Sikh leader was murdered in Canada

The killers burned their vehicle as well

Ripudman Singh Malik

Ottawa (Canada) – A Sikh leader who was a prime suspect and acquitted in a bomb blast case on an Air India flight, Ripudman Singh Malik, was murdered in Vancouver (Canada) for unknown intent. The killers burnt their car to destroy all evidence. Ripudman was president of ‘Khalsa Credit Union’ and ‘Satnam Education Society’. He also owned a Khalsa school.

1. Ripudman used to be a supporter of the Khalistan movement before, but later he changed his ideology. He was convincing the Sikh community to stay away from separatists until the very last moment. He had also praised PM Modi in January for his actions for the welfare of the Sikh community. It is believed that he was killed for praising PM Modi.

2. Ripudman also printed Gurugranth Sahib which no one can print independently except in a couple of places in Delhi and Amritsar. Sikhs in Canada opposed his actions. Ripudman decided to stop the printing when this matter escalated to Akal Takht. It could be another reason behind his murder.

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