Is this Congress’ anti-terror policy? : BJP

  • The attempt of character assassination – Congress
  • Case of Pakistani journalist providing confidential information of Indian Government to ‘ISI’ during Congress rule
BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia

New Delhi – “I visited India at the invitation of the then Vice-President of India Hamid Ansari. At that time, I got to see many confidential documents. The then Vice-President Hamid Ansari has found himself in the midst of controversy,”, claimed Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza. Mirza further said that he had given all this information to Pakistan’s intelligence agency ‘ISI’ a few days ago. BJP has demanded that ‘Ansari and Congress should clarify on this issue’.

“How do you betray the country? Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Hamid Ansari should come forward and clarify this. When a person gives confidential information to ISI, he is invited to visit India, is this anti-terror policy of Congress?’”, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia asked.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh has condemned all the allegations of the BJP and said that ‘this is the worst form of character assassination”.

The organisers (the Central Government) knew who was called in the conference ! – Hamid Ansari

Hamid Ansari
Editorial viewpoint

If Ansari is telling the truth, then it simply means that ‘the then Congress government itself gave confidential Government information to a journalist of enemy Pakistan’. Therefore, the patriots feel that the concerned leaders of the Congress should be investigated and severely punished for this anti-national act.

Hamid Ansari said, ‘Vice-President only invites foreign delegations recommended by the Central Government through the Ministry of External Affairs. This is a well-known fact. I had inaugurated a conference on terrorism. The organisers only knew who had participated in that conference,” denying all the allegations against him. Ansari also clarified that he was committed to the national security of the country.