13 RSS volunteers acquitted

  • The Magistrate Court had given them Life Imprisonment
  • The case of the murder of the CPI(M) worker
(Right side) CPI (M) worker Vishnu 

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – On 1st April 2008 Vishnu the CPI (M) worker was murdered, and the Kerala High Court acquitted the 13 RSS workers as they were found innocent. The Magistrate Court sentenced them to life imprisonment in 2016.  Against this, they appealed to the High Court.

The investigating officers gathered evidence and witnesses after having scripted how the crime happened.

The Court said it is completely a case of political vendetta. In this case, the accused were arrested without any evidence and the witnesses were told what they had to testify. In this manner, an attempt was made to take the trial in a new direction. The murderer’s face was masked when the crime was committed. But the investigating officer did not inform the court about this fact. They told how the crime happened like a story and looked for proof to fit this script. (The people feel that the Court should give orders to prosecute such officers. The innocent should be given compensation for what they had suffered for the past 14 years. It is necessary for the Central Government to enact a law in this context. – Editor)

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