Information collected during India visits passed to ISI, Pakistani journalist claims !

Pakistani journalist who visited India 5 times reveals

New Delhi – Pakistani writer Nusrat Mirza has boasted in an interview that he provided information gathered during his visits to India to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI; however, the Pakistani Government failed to make use of it. Mirza made the revelation in an interview with Pakistani journalist and political analyst Shakil Chaudhary.

Mirza further said that,

1. During my visit to India, I received various privileges from the foreign affairs department of Pakistan. Usually when you apply for a visa to India, they only allow you to visit three places. However, at that time, Khurshid Kasuri was the foreign minister who helped me to get a visa for seven cities.

2. I have been to India many times. I was invited by Hamid Ansari, the Vice President of India, and Zafarul Islam, the editor of Milli Gazette. I visited India 5 times. I have visited cities like Delhi, Patna, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai. In 2011, I also met the chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission, as well as 56 Muslim MPs from across the country. They helped me a lot.

3. I had given the information gathered during this visit to Khurshid. He passed the information to the Pakistani army chief. The army chief then asked me to gather more information.

4. I had studied the culture of India, as well as its weakness. I also gathered information related to how does India work as a country, how do Muslims live in India, how does the separatist movement run in Kashmir, etc. I also had friendships with the editors and owners of several news outlets.

5. All in all, I had given the ISI all the information it needed to bother the Indian Government; however, the Pakistani leadership did not use this information properly.

Editorial Viewpoint

Indians must have by now realised the purpose of those who visit India from Pakistan ! So, it is high time to reconsider whether Pakistanis should be allowed to visit India !