Eggs thrown at a Hindu wedding procession passing by a mosque in Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Aligarh (UP) – In the Noorpur area of Tappal in the District, on 7th July, eggs were thrown from roofs of Muslims’ houses during the wedding procession of two young Hindu women. Hindus were also subjected to racist insults at this time. It created tension in the area. Police have registered a case against Ansar, Shahrukh, Amjad and Saua.

Local Muslims opposed taking the wedding procession near the mosque, according to Hindus. Previously, there has been opposition here as well. Physical fights have also taken place. At that time, Hindus had tried to sell their houses and flee. (Despite such situation has arisen in the past, the  Administration and the Police remain inactive. At least now they should take strict action against those involved to prevent the occurrence of these instances in the future. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Hindu religious processions passing by the mosque are always opposed by Muslims. Politicians, organizations, and social activists, who always provide Hindus with a dose of inter-religious harmony, prefer to remain underground during such incidents.

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