Do not put journalists behind bars : Germany

Germany’s unsolicited advice to India regarding the case of Zubair

Mohammad Zubair co-founder of ‘Alt news’

Berlin (Germany) – As soon as Mohammad Zubair the co-founder of ‘Alt news’ was arrested for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, the spokesperson of the foreign ministry of Germany released a statement giving unsolicited advice to India that they should not arrest and quash the fundamental rights of the press and to maintain the freedom of the press. Germany further stated that “They will always stand and support the freedom of the press and of the individual. It has an important place in the entire world. It should not be shaken. This rule applies to India as well.”

Germany should avoid giving uninformed comments

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aravind Baghchi

Reacting to the above statement of Germany, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aravind Baghchi said that ‘Germany should cease making uninformed comments’.

Editorial viewpoint

It has been seen time and again that any country interferes in India’s internal matters, this shows that ‘India does not have hold over other countries’. Hence, the Government of India should respond in such a way that no country will dare to interfere unnecessarily in India’s internal matters.

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