At least twenty lakhs Australians have left Christianity in the last five years

  • Almost 9% of the population have turned Atheist, most of them are Christians.
  • Hindu population there has increased by 1.1%

Canberra (Australia) – Christians in the Christian majority of Australia disowning their Christianity. Once upon a time, 90% of citizens in Australia were Christians; but today their number has been reduced to less than half. Every five years census is conducted. According to the census in 2021, only 44% are Christians are remaining in Australia; whereas the number of Atheists has increased by 9%. That shows that 9% of citizens have left Christianity. That is, in proportion to the total population it comes to at least 20 lakh.

Although in Hindu majority India Hindu population is depleting due to conspiracy, in Australia it is increasing very rapidly. In 2016 it was 1.9% but in 2021 it has reached 3%. The main reason behind this is Hindus from India are settling there.

Editorial perspectives

  • First Europe and then US, now lakhs of Australians also are leaving Christianity. They have disowned their religion. What is wrong if any question is raised about the teachings in their religion ?
  • Converting somehow innocent Hindus in India, Christians should be asked the reason by showing the examples of countries such as Australia.
  • With a view to stop Hindus’ conversion, along with giving Education on Dharma to Hindus, devout Hindu organisations should bring to their notice the increasing atheism with regard to Christianity.