Pakistan deprived of ‘BRICS Plus’ conference : India attacked

New Delhi – The annual conference of the BRICS (India, Brazil, South Africa, China and Russia) was held in China on June 23-24. On the second day of the conference, a BRICS Plus conference was organised for non-BRICS countries. Pakistan was trying to participate in the conference; but failing that, it blew his whistle on India. China, however, rejected Pakistan’s claim, saying “this is an internal matter of the group and the member states have considered it and have not allowed Pakistan to join.”

1. Pakistan’s foreign ministry issued an official press release accusing India without naming it.

2. Pakistan is currently on the verge of bankruptcy and is seeking help from the International Monetary Fund.

3. The BRICS Plus conference was attended by Algeria, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Editorial viewpoint

Pak targeting India for no reasons ! India should now teach Pak a lesson in a language it can understand.

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