Two Maulvis and two advocates involved in the Udaipur murder

 Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Kanhaiya Lal’s murder investigation has revealed new details. Mohammad, accused of the murder, was sent to Pakistan by two Maulvis, Riyasat Hussain and Abdul Razzaq. Wasim Akhtari and Akhtar Raza, the main accused, had also gone to Pakistan with Gauss. The National Investigation Agency has arrested all five. Two lawyers are also involved in the conspiracy, according to sources. They have also been arrested.

Meetings were held to plot the murder

Riaz Akhtari claimed responsibility for the murder of Kanhaiya Lal in a meeting with the accused. Mohsin, Riaz, Mohammad Gauss and Asif attended the meeting. The murder plot was hatched in Mohsin’s shop, which is a short distance from Kanhaiya Lal’s shop, as well as Asif’s room next door. Asif and Mohsin have also been arrested by the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad. Mohsin and Asif were both involved in fabricating the weapons for the murder plot. Mohammad Gauss and Riaz were familiar with the street where Kanhaiya Lal had his shop.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • What do those who say terrorism has no religion have to say now ?
  • What is wrong with demanding an investigation into what kind of teaching madarasas and mosques deliver considering two Maulvis are accused of murder in this case ?
  • What is the opinion of those who argue that the rise in crime can only be reduced by bringing Muslims into the mainstream given the involvement of highly educated advocates in jihadi activities ?

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